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Project Server – Approval Centre Ribbon Disabled or Greyed Out – Cannot accept any task updates

Resources have submitted task updates and you (as a PM) need to approve / accept the task updates.

When you navigate to the Approval Center and select the task update that needs approval – you simply cannot accept (or reject) it as the entire Approval Center ribbon is greyed out.

This happens due to a known bug (pre SP1) and there is a javascript error on the Internet Explorer tool bar.

UPDATE Jan 26, 2012 – This is not fixed in SP1 and June CU Refresh Package.

The bug is one or more of the tasks in the approval center has a “START DATE” that is “EXACTLY” 63 days in the past from TODAY. I have seen this issue for a difference ranging anywhere from 61 days to 63 days.

In other words, if the difference between START DATE and TODAY is 63 days (TODAY’s date included) you will see this issue.

The following screen shot shows an updated START DATE = 11/23/2011 (Nov 23, 2011). TODAY when I took this screen shot, the date is 1/24/2012 (Jan 24, 2012). A difference of exactly 63 days (start date to the end date, end date included)

Resolution is to identify which task has a start date of 63 days in the past – then open project professional or pwa, and change the start date (to not make it 61 days difference from today).

Once done, navigate back to the approval center and you should be able to approve task updates.

Some people have reported the difference to be 60 days or 61 days. Defining the difference – I am calculating START and TODAY, and difference to be 63 days including START and TODAY.