Project Professional – Cannot open project in read write mode

When Project Professional is attempting to open a project from Project Server 2010, it will look at the status of local cache for that project. The local cache will override the server version.

Sometimes the user’s are unable to open the project from Project Server inspite of deleting local cache.

Resolutions are of course:

  1. Delete the local cache using the Project Professional > File > Options > Save > Clean Up Cache
  2. PWA > Server Setting > Force Check-in Enterprise Objects > Check In the appropriate project.
  3. A third & important option – Note the folder location of the cache location in the step above. Usually it will be C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\MS Project\14\Cache\ There are subfolders in this “Cache” directory in the form of {xxx-xxx-xxx}.PROD.DomainUsername. You need to delete this {xxx} folder BUT you have to close Project Pro first as it locks the cache folders from being deleted.

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