Monthly Archives: November 2006

LCS Server starts and then shuts down if you have used trial certificates from either Verisign/Thawte/etc

The trial certificates are valid for some days. Now you must have tried using the trial certificates, & after being satisfied that they work, unchecked the MTLS 5061 from the “General” tab for the server. Additionally you must also delete the certificate from the “Security” tab.

If you do not delete the certificate from the “security” tab, after the trial expires so does your LCS server. You can’t even get to the “security” tab & delete the old certificate as it dissapears. When you click on “security” you get a prompt about invalid certificates.

A workaround is “GET” another trial certificate, assign it, check MTLS 5061 and then remove it. Uncheck MTLS 5061 and delete the certificate from the “security” tab.

Some errors I had in the event log were:

The service is shutting down due to an internal error.

Unable to initialize the protocol stack. The service has to stop.

Server could not retrieve its initial configuration for a class from the WMI Provider.
Class: MSFT_SIPRoutingSetting
Cause: This can occur if the connection to Active Directory or SQL back-end database is down or if permissions to the service account are altered. Retrieval can also fail if an invalid entry is entered in the class using the UI or WMI or if corruption occurs in local WMI repository.
Make sure the account the service is running under has proper privileges and that connection to Active Directory or SQL back-end database is functional. Verify an identical entry does not exist as a direct federation partner and an IM service provider.

A configured certificate could not be loaded from store. The serial number is attached for reference.
Extended Error Code: 0x800B0101.
Cause: This could happen if the certificate is not found. This could also happen if the server has insufficient privileges to read the certificate or to access the store containing the certificate.