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LCS Communicator Mobile (COMO)

Link to COMO on Microsoft site is here.

Setup is as follows (1) LCS Enterprise Edition – only one front end server (2) SQL Server (3) Access Proxy (4) Director.

Installed Office Communicator Mobile Edition (COMO) on my PocketPC. Pictures are worth more than me rambling about this. Click on a thumbnail to view larger image. Of course, the conversation, the people and the context is fictitious in these images. Listed in order of progression.

1. Add Root cer

2. Sign In

3. Sign In

4. Today Screen

5. Incoming Message

6. Contact List

7. Find Contacts

Find a contact (#7) and
Start conversation (#8)

8. Conversation Menu Options

9. COMO Conversation

Compare how the conversation looks like in
COMO (#9) v/s
Office Communicator (#10)

10. Communicator Conversation